Cyrusher Trax 

Step-Through All Terrain Air Shock Full Suspension

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Cyrusher Trax E-Bike Step-Thru

Cyrusher Trax E-Bike Step-Thru

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Il motore Bafang da 750 watt
Batteria 52 volt 20 ampere-ora
Carico massimo 330 libbre (150 kg)
Allineare 56 miglia (90 km)
Altezza del pilota 5'4" ~ 6'6" (165 cm ~ 200 cm)
Incluso Batteria, caricabatterie, pompa ad aria, set di attrezzi per il montaggio,
guida al montaggio, manuale della batteria, manuale dell'utente, adesivi gratuiti
Garanzia 2 anni


Il motore Motore elettrico Bafang da 750 watt (1500 watt di picco), 80 Nm
Batteria Batteria al litio LG da 52 volt 20 ampere-ora. Impermeabile IP65 (incluso)
Allineare 50 ~ 56 miglia (80 ~ 90 km)
Caricabatterie Caricabatterie standard 110 V~240 V CA, 52 V 3 A CE/UL (incluso)
Tempo di carica della batteria 5~7 ore
Durata della batteria 800 cariche
Telaio 6061 Telaio full suspension in alluminio


Controllore  Controller motore cassetta mozzo posteriore 52V 750W, uscita massima 25 amp, angolo di fase motore: 120, corrente: 22+-1A
Schermo Display LCD da 3,7", Smart Computer


Pneumatici Pneumatici grassi Kenda 26 "x 4" resistenti alle forature
Raggi Acciaio inossidabile calibro 12
Sella Seduta con cuscino sportivo ergonomico traspirante
Reggisella Altezza regolabile
Manovella Alluminio a doppia faccia in lega forgiata da 170 mm
Deragliatore posteriore Shimano 9 velocità ASLM20109RC/ARDM370SGSLC
Acceleratore Acceleratore a mezzo giro
Luce anteriore LED da 250 lumen


Leva del freno Leve con impugnatura antiscivolo Logan con interruttore di blocco del motore
Freno Freni a disco idraulici T Logan da 180 mm anteriori + posteriori
Trasmissione Sistema cambio Shimano M2010/M370
Sospensioni anteriori Forcella ammortizzata con blocco e regolazione
Sospensione posteriore Sospensione pneumatica 165x750 lbs 3 caricatori

Dimensioni e capacità

Peso bici 80,1 libbre (36,3 kg) / 88,1 libbre (40,3 kg) con batteria
Dimensione bici Altezza 33,5"-41,3" (85-105 cm) / Lunghezza 76" (193 cm)
Dimensioni e peso dell'imballaggio 65x13x32 pollici 88 libbre (166x35x81 cm 40 kg)
Capacità di carico totale 330 libbre (150 kg)


Telaio 2 anni
Parti 2 anni
Batteria 1 anno
Termini & Condizioni Questa garanzia si applica solo al proprietario originale di un Cyrusher ed è limitata alla sostituzione delle parti difettose.
Cyrusher copre il costo della sostituzione, l'acquirente è responsabile del costo di spedizione. 

Bike Dimension

What's In The Box


Your Cyrusher comes 90% pre-assembled. Just unbox, mount the front wheel, put pedals in place, turn some bolts here and there and you are ready to ride in 40 minutes or less!

Watch Video & E-bike Assembly Guide


Cyrusher Ebike assembly tools

Assembly Toolset. manual, wrench, charger, pump, Mirrors.



We not only make amazing products but strive to provide the best experience and support to our customers. When you buy a Cyrusher you get peace of mind knowing we will be there when you need it.

  • 2 Years warranty. All Cyrusher bikes come with 2 years warranty in frame and parts, and 1 year warranty on the battery. Learn More
  • Customer support. We offer you many ways to reach out: call center, live chat, ticket system. Learn More
  • Community. When you become a Cyrusher owner you also join a big Cyrusher Owners community online where you can share your new happy Cyrusher life, ask questions and get answers from fellow Cyrusher owners. Join



For an unforgettable adventure, choose the Cyrusher Trax! A step-through bike that allows you to easily step right onto the bike for a robust ride - no matter the landscape. Its long range, 52V 20Ah battery, and fierce 750W Bafang motor provide assurance that you'll reach your destination. While the eye-catching paint design and colors make it look like nothing else on the road. And did we mention that this is an all-terrain bike? The frame and suspension system holds up to any obstacles you might face on your next trip. Get out there and explore with the Cyrusher Trax!

Torque Sensor

Natural riding experience

52V 20Ah


Up to 56 Miles

Max Range

750 W

Bafang Motor

Full Suspension

Front & Rear


Fat Tire

  • Speed

    UP TO 28 MPH

  • Range

    UP TO 56 MILES

  • Battery

    52V 20Ah

All-Terrain | Trax

Torque Sensor

A torque sensor measures the amount of force applied to the pedals by the rider. It provides feedback to the electric motor, allowing it to adjust the level of assistance provided based on the rider's effort. Torque sensors are considered to be more advanced than cadence sensors because they provide a more natural riding experience, with power assistance that feels more like traditional cycling. With torque sensors, the motor output is proportional to the rider's effort, so the harder the rider pedals, the more assistance the motor provides. This means that torque sensors are ideal for riders who want to maintain a consistent level of effort throughout their ride, regardless of terrain or incline.

Cadence Sensor

a cadence sensor measures the speed at which the pedals are turning. It provides feedback to the electric motor, allowing it to adjust the level of assistance provided based on the rider's pedaling speed. Cadence sensors are generally less expensive than torque sensors, but they can provide a less natural riding experience. With cadence sensors, the motor output is based solely on the rider's pedaling speed, so the rider may experience a lag in assistance when starting from a standstill or when riding uphill.

Why torque sensor?

  • 1. More natural riding experience: Torque sensors provide electric assistance that is proportional to the rider's effort, making it feel more like traditional cycling. With cadence sensors, the motor output is based solely on pedaling speed, which can feel less natural.
  • 2. More precise assistance: Torque sensors can detect even small changes in the rider's effort and adjust the electric assistance accordingly. This means that riders can maintain a consistent level of effort throughout their ride, regardless of terrain or incline.
  • 3. Better battery efficiency: Torque sensors can help to conserve battery life by providing assistance only when needed. With cadence sensors, the motor may continue to provide assistance even when the rider is not exerting much effort, which can drain the battery more quickly.
  • 4. Easier to start from a standstill: Torque sensors can provide immediate assistance when starting from a standstill, making it easier to get going. With cadence sensors, there may be a lag in assistance when starting from a stop.
  • 5. Safer and more stable ride: Torque sensors can provide a safer and more stable ride by adjusting the electric assistance based on the rider's effort. This means that riders can maintain better control of their bike, especially when riding at higher speeds or on uneven terrain.

Hybrid: All-Terrain + Step-Thru

Our Cyrusher Trax is the perfect balance between accessibility and power: a step-through frame, fat tires, and 750W Bafang motor mean that there's no terrain this bike can't conquer.

The step-through design makes it easy for you to get on and off the bike without having to worry about a high step. And with fat tires and all-terrain capabilities, you'll feel confident as you ride across any surface.

A Stylish Ride for All Your Adventures

This electric bike is a powerful machine that comes with an amazing paintjob and a strong frame for a comfortable, durable ride.

Enjoy the great look, the choices of amazing colors, and the smoothness of a powerful machine combined in one great package. With the Cyrusher Trax you're set for an amazing ride!

For Both Tall and Not-So-Tall Riders Alike!

Its easy, step-through lower frame allows even not-so-tall riders to access the fun and ride comfortably. While its robust design provides great support no matter how tall you are.

With its lower frame design and extra ground clearance, you’ll enjoy unbeatable maneuverability, increasing your confidence when you ride. Get out there and explore with the Cyrusher Trax!

Product Highlights

Created with Your Convenience in Mind

Bafang 750W Motor

Featuring a peak power of 1200 Watts and a torque of 80Nm, the Bafang motor delivers an extraordinary performance, allowing the user to reach high speeds with ease and to ride in assisted mode with minimal effort. As well as providing improved safety through the added motor cutoff feature.

52V 20Ah Battery

Equipped with a high-capacity 52V 20 Ah lithium-ion battery, the Cyrusher Trax surpasses even the most demanding of trips, providing users with a range of up to 56 miles on a full charge. Utilize the bike's integrated charger to replenish the battery, or opt to remove it and charge separately at the user's convenience.

Smart Color Screen

This smart color LCD screen provides quick access to all necessary information with the press of just three buttons. The simple programming enables users to fully personalize their speed options and other protection settings. It also features a 0-5 PAS mode and a 3.7" LCD display.

Built with Top-Tier Components

Cyrusher aims to achieve a harmonious equilibrium between price and quality components.

Rear Air Suspension

The addition of the rear air suspension enhances the overall comfort and versatility of the Trax.

Bright LED Horn Lamp

A 250 lumen LED front lamp provides excellent visibility even in unpleasant weather conditions, ensuring safety for the rider by increasing their visibility and audibility.

Logan Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Equipped with large 180mm hydraulic front and rear brakes, stopping quickly is made easier.

26" x 4.0" Fat Tires

Mountain-style fat tires allow for increased traction, even on surfaces such as snow or sand. In addition to providing a visually-distinctive aesthetic.

Shimano 9-Gears

The 9-gear system and 5 pedal-assist levels provide you with a wide selection of pedaling cadences for achieving your desired speed.

Twist Throttle

The twist throttle enables a more convenient and secure method of accelerating the ebike.

Pedal Assist System (PAS)

What makes electric bikes special is their pedal assist system (PAS). Contrary to what is thought that an electric bicycle does not allow exercise, the reality is that the PAS allows the cyclist to pedal but in a more comfortable and efficient way.

The bike can be ridden entirely by pedaling, using only the motor, or with a combination of both (PAS). In PAS mode, the bike's computer detects pedaling and activates the motor to assist and power the ride.

Tailor-fit comfort for amazing rides.


30" bike inseam

Slide the scale for your bike inseam measurement


You will be able to pedal and stand over the frame comfortably.

Person sitting alongside the Cyrusher Trax E-Bike Step-Thru

Lucy's measurements: bike inseam 28"/ 71cm, height 5'4"/ 165 cm


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