Why was my card declined?

Failed card payments can occur for various reasons. If you see an error message on the screen after attempting to pay or if we confirm that the payment was unsuccessful, it means that no amount has been charged to you.

  1. Single order payment exceeding 5000 EUR

Due to credit card payment regulations, Cyrusher.eu for a single order or payment must not exceed 5,000 EUR, otherwise, the payment will be rejected by the system. If your order exceeds 5000 EUR, such as purchasing 3 Cyrusher XF800 bikes at once, we strongly advise you to split the order into 2 or more orders. You can also use another payment method: contact us for a bank transfer or use Paypal.

  1. Payment declined by your bank

The most common reason for a failed card payment is that your bank declined it. This means they sent a "Do Not Honor" response to Cyrusher Sports (CYRUSHER OUTDOORS SPORTING LIMITED) due to the transaction of a large amount overseas. It's normal for them to stop a payment they "might consider abnormally high or for a new unknown recipient." The best way to resolve this issue is to quickly call your bank, let them know you're making this payment, and that Cyrusher Sports (CYRUSHER OUTDOORS SPORTING LIMITED) is a trusted recipient. Once confirmed, your next attempt should be successful.

  1. 3D Secure verification issue

We use the 3D Secure credit card payment method to ensure the security of your credit card and purchases. This means you will receive a one-time password via your registered bank mobile number and emails for authentication. For more information on the 3D Secure verification issue, please visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/3-D_Secure. If your card is marked as non-3D Secure or if you encounter issues with failed 3D Secure data (Verified by Visa / Mastercard Secure, etc.), it's best to contact your bank to confirm if there is an issue and ensure the card is 3D Secure. Or it can happen if *** The customer closes the browser when prompted to enter 3D authentication information on the issuing bank's website; or *** The customer cannot access the 3D authentication page of the issuing bank for various reasons.

  1. Disabled cookies

If the issue persists, you can always send us a bank transfer (if possible), use another card, or simply switch to Paypal payment.

  1. Browser issues

Some antivirus software or firewalls may affect card payments. With antivirus software, add Cyrusher Sports (CYRUSHER OUTDOORS SPORTING LIMITED) to the list of "safe merchants." Also, ensure that any installed antivirus or firewall software allows pop-up windows.

  1. Insufficient funds

Your bank may also stop the card payment if there are not enough funds in your account or if you have a transaction limit. They may also consider your payment as a "cash withdrawal." Other banks may process cash withdrawal card payments, meaning the cash withdrawal limit will apply. For more information or to change the limits, contact your bank. It may take some time before the changes take effect, so we recommend paying by bank transfer, Paypal, or setting up a smaller transfer in the meantime.

  1. Payment declined by Cyrusher Sports

To protect you from potentially fraudulent activity, we may also reject your payment. This is often because your card was issued in a country we currently do not support, in which case, you will need to use another payment method: bank transfer, another card, or Paypal.

  1. Other

In most cases, card payments fail for one of the above four reasons. If you see a more generic error message, your best option is to try another payment method such as Paypal or bank transfer (if possible). If you still have payment issues, contact us for further advice, information, and assistance.